Bridge between Suppliers and Customers


Your Specialist in Chinese Automotive Industry


With more than 20 years of experience and contacts in the auto industry in China, MTV provides local services to foreign auto industry customers in China, and serves as a bridge between foreign factories and Chinese customers.


We provide all kinds of services for foreign customers, including pre-sales service (market research, local research and decision making, project feasibility analysis, market entry, competitor analysis), after-sales service (customer relationship maintenance, after-sales problem solving) and warehousing service.


Our main advantage lies in the multi-language, intercultural, relationship with customers and technical background in the automotive Industry. Our professional team can offer flexible and quick response in case of any problem China.


With our accumulated long-term experience for over 20 years in the domestic automotive market, we are convinced to distribute the correct one stop service to European customers who have interest to enter the Chinese market.


Our access to professional local players in the sector, together with our strong networks will benefit our partners and achieve future success together.